Zeenat Aman: “Parveen Babi was much more than who she dated,” says Zeenat Aman on the actress' birth anniversary |


Remembering Parveen Babi On the occasion of his birth anniversary, we searched the Internet archive and found a heartfelt tribute written by Zeenat Amanhis co-star from the movie 'ashanti.' She took to her Instagram to remember her shared experiences and the late actress' enduring legacy. Sharing nostalgic photos, Aman fondly recalled their striking resemblance and the camaraderie they shared during the 1970s.
Reflecting on their parallel journeys in Bollywood, Aman debunked rumors of rivalry, emphasizing the mutual respect and warmth between them. Despite media speculation, their professional relationship remained cordial as they collaborated on projects like 'Ashanti' and 'Mahaan'.

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Aman also shed light on Babi's silent struggles with mental health, lamenting the social stigma that was prevalent in her time. Beyond the sensational headlines that focused more on her relationships, Babi had another side. Zeenat highlighted her intellect, her creativity and her various interests, focusing on her achievements both on and off screen.
“Parveen's struggle with mental illness came at a time when the country was still very callous and ignorant about these issues. After her death, I often reflected on how she was remembered. The tabloids focused on her. romantic relationships and “episodes,” but there was much more to Parveen than who she dated or what she said when she was unwell. I feel like she never really got the chance to say her part.

She was intelligent, hard-working and creative. She loved to read and I remember her curled up with a book between takes on set. She achieved incredible success as an actress, she even appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Later, she took up various creative pursuits, embarked on a spiritual journey and began designing interiors. We kept in touch on and off for years, before finally breaking up,” she wrote in her post.

Concluding his tribute, Aman emphasized Babi's multifaceted personality and expressed his hope that she will be remembered beyond sensational narratives.

Parveen Babi's contributions to Indian cinema remain unforgettable and leave a rich legacy that transcends her cinematic efforts.