X introduces 'Articles' for Premium+ users to write and share long-form content


X, the microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, has now introduced a new feature that allows users to share long-written content. However, this feature is not available to all users. The firm announced that this long-form content-creation feature, called Articles, can only be used by paid users. Currently only X Premium+ users or verified organizations can access this feature. The company has not yet confirmed whether this feature will eventually be extended to all other non-paying users as well.

In a post on X, the firm announced that articles will be available to X Premium+ and verified organizations from March 8. This will allow them to write and share long-form content with their followers. The article can be found in the Articles section in the sidebar on the web version of Composer Users can start creating their articles from there.

Many formatting options can be used to write an article, such as bold, italic, and strikethrough text, as well as bullet points and numbered lists. Users can embed images, videos, or even other X posts along with an article. A report by Engadget claims that the limit for an article is 100,000 characters or about 15,000 words.

Like regular X posts, articles will appear on users' profiles and on their followers' timelines in a new article tab after they are published. Articles can also be distinguished from regular X posts due to a unique icon and layout.

Once published, users will also have the option to edit or delete an article. For example, to edit a previously published article, users must navigate to the corresponding article or the published timeline in the article composer. They can then click the three-dot menu > Edit article , confirm, which will unpublish it. The article can be republished after editing. To delete an article, users will get delete Option under the three-dot menu mentioned earlier.

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