What is chrome? Child dies after viral social media challenge goes wrong


To induce a transient heightened or altered state of consciousness, “chroming” is the practice of inhaling vapors, usually household items such as spray paint, deodorants, or air fresheners. The word “chrome” refers to the tendency of certain aerosol cans to appear chrome or metallic. It goes without saying that inhaling harmful fumes can be fatal. Death can occur suddenly.

An 11-year-old boy in Lancaster, United Kingdom, died after a crazy social media trend known as “chroming” went wrong, as mentioned by his family. Tommie-Lee Gracie Billington suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. He attempted the TikTok “chroming” challenge while at one of his friends' house, according to his distraught grandmother Tina Burns, who has called on social media giants to “do more” to protect children as this TikTok trend has caused numerous deaths of teenagers around the world. the world.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where teenagers involved in chrome plating have died as a result of the activity. Despite the recognized risks, its appeal among certain young people can be attributed to peer pressure and the lure of social media stardom. Consequently, there have been calls for more information and education about the risks associated with chrome plating, as well as efforts to discourage people from taking up this risky hobby.

This risky habit has attracted attention as it is linked to a popular social media challenge where people, often teenagers, video record themselves chroming and then post the images online. On the other hand, breathing these substances can have fatal effects, as well as significant health repercussions, such as heart attacks, lung problems, brain damage, and respiratory problems.

Chrome plating, or inhalation of toxic fumes, first reportedly made headlines last year when a 13-year-old girl in Australia died of cardiac arrest after inhaling aerosol deodorant while participating in a “chrome plating challenge.” ” during a sleepover with friends. .