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I saw him last night. I can say that Hirani is over it, really. I can't see him coming back from such a poor movie. This reminds me of Subhash Ghai in the time of Yaadein or Kisna. A filmmaker who had lost the plot.

The movie is unintentionally hilarious. The plot has huge holes and even defies logic at several points. Even the basic premise – just think about it: this group can risk their lives, spend a lot of money, take bullets, starve, walk underwater, walk for days in a desert, cross borders, and most of them die in the process. ..BUT they can't take an IELTS test again!! They have the willpower to cross thousands of kilometers, dangers and borders, but they don't make the effort to pass an exam!!

The best parts are a rehash of an old TV series called Mind Your Language. And from there, you have ridiculous and poorly executed scenes like the group walking underwater for hours. The late Ramanand Sagar executed it much better more than 40 years ago.

The courtroom scene defies logic. She had never seen a judge so intent on encouraging defendants to lie and so enthusiastic about granting permission to remain as asylum refugees. The church scene where the group is caught defies logic. Here are people who have survived hardships and were never caught but here they are caught in the middle of a farce! The same goes for a pivotal scene that shows the group finally finding a way to return to India. Very poorly executed. The film ends with the predictable tricks of a protagonist dying of a terminal illness just as she is proposed to, after having waited 25 years for that moment. Everything seems forced, stereotyped, blatantly manipulative, but it leaves you very cold.

Kaushal is fine, but SRK, despite his best efforts, fails to make a mark. It's like the main moments of the movie. He fails to convince or lift the wrongdoing.

This film has earned 200 cr (including 30 cr from corporate bookings as we all know) simply because of SRK's recent success. In terms of quality, it is at the level of Tubelight.

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Animal It is a wet dream for the Indian man, whether middle or lower class. It's reading why it has worked:

-He manages to seduce and conquer another's girlfriend by being the alpha male.
– also seduces his friend's sister in the process
– makes love to his wife tirelessly for days (and on a plane!)
– is great in bed, as evidenced by audio recordings of making love with his wife.
– when problems arise, he gathers his relatives, brothers and cousins. All united in adversity and he is the leader of the pack and protector of the family.
– leads the dynasty and takes over his father's legacy at the expense of his brother-in-law/sister
– play with weapons like John Wick or in PS games.
– he sleeps with another woman and his wife forgives him
– is the macho man who dictates everything and his wife obeys.
– sleeps with a woman just to use her
– he chooses his family over his wife and she stays under the same roof with them even if she doesn't want to.
– his father is his role model and is more important than his wife and he manages to win over his role model
– manages to convince everyone that his methods are correct
– in a kind of mahabharat dispute, with his stepbrother, he wins the war and wins over everyone.

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