Valentine's Day decoration: tips to create the perfect atmosphere at home


Valentine's Day conjures visions of candlelit dinners, moonlit walks, and lovingly prepared surprises. But date nights tend to come with high prices. Why not save money and set up the stage at home?

With a little planning, creativity, and effort, you can transform your humble abode into a romantic retreat for two. With strategic planning and personal touches, you can host a swoon-worthy Valentine's night at home. This year, give the big store-bought gestures and crowded restaurants a break. Instead, settle into intimate corners and spaces with your number one partner, no reservation required.

Ridhima Kansal, director of Rosemoore, shares some tips to create a dreamy Valentine's Day atmosphere that Cupid would envy.

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Dim the lights, queue the music

Dimming the lights instantly signals “romance ahead!” Turn off any overhead lights and harness the power of lamps, strings of fairy lights, and candles to create a more intimate tone. Place candles of different heights throughout the room to give it depth and dimension. Group collections on side tables, shelves and counters for amplified impact.

If fire makes you nervous, battery-operated fake candles emit a convincing flicker with no safety risks. For extra brightness, hang strings of balloons or strings of LED lights. Place them along the headboard, above doors or behind furniture.

Remember: have additional lighting sources on hand for any subsequent activities. Nothing kills passion faster than groping in the dark!

Infuses the air with fragrance

Our sense of smell powerfully dictates moods and memories. Infuse your home with aphrodisiac scents to increase romance!

Consider an aromatherapy diffuser. Add drops of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood or patchouli that hold associations with arousal and intimacy. Set the mist on a timer to let the scent permeate before your date begins.

To create instant ambiance, light a scented candle instead. Opt for notes like vanilla, rose, salted caramel, or cedarwood. Place a few in the entryway, bathroom, and bedroom to build anticipation as you move between spaces.

You can also use room sprays to spray bedding, curtains, or tablecloths. Spray your wrists and pulse points with perfume before your loved one arrives to set the mood.

Style your tablescape

An empty table is a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch. Increase the romance with these table decorating tips:

· Choose a tablecloth or table runner in sultry shades like crimson, maroon red, or blush pink. Fold cloth napkins into decorative shapes.

· Display any stunning floral arrangement you receive as a centerpiece on your table. Or gather a bouquet of red roses or tulips in a vase. Also float some flower petals around the table.

· Set the table with your fine china and stemware, even if dinner is takeout! Break out the crystal glasses, silverware, and fancy plates.

· Don't forget the accessories! Place candles, rose petals, chocolates or other small treats on each place setting.

Create welcoming and attractive spaces

Beyond the dining room, create other inviting escapes to embrace and connect. She removes the furniture in front of the fireplace and covers the floor with plush pillows and soft blankets. Or create a luxurious picnic on the floor among twinkling string lights.

For the bedroom, wash bedding with lavender or jasmine-scented detergent. Lightly mist your pillows with a scented room spray. Then cover your bed with rose petals and chocolates while you wait for your loved one.

You can also prepare a relaxing bubble bath for two: light more candles, serve foamy drinks, and put on relaxing spa playlists. Happy soaking Valentine's Day!

Choose the correct sounds

Music and sounds have powerful effects on our emotions. Create engaging listening experiences to complement your scene! For dinner, queue up jazz piano, saxophone or standards by Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao or any of your favourites. Try a “Romantic Dinner” streaming station so you don't have to think twice.

Switch to something slower and sexier when it's time to make out: think R&B songs loaded with longing lyrics, and finally, reserve moments of silence for free chatting. Let the soft crackling sound of the fireplace play in the background when words don't need to be said.