Upgrade Summer 2024 With These Furious Hair Color Trends


Are you emerging from the cocoon of winter and looking forward to finally letting go and embracing summer with your hair down? Think caramel, hazelnut, ginger, fuchsia and violet! No, these are not delicious ice cream flavors, but rather the latest hair color trends that are all the rage among fashion lovers. Stay on trend by giving your mane a summery update with any of these five hair colors and continue with Ritu Vijayvergiya, co-founder of 2.Oh! shares some expert tips and tricks that will help you protect your locks with proper hair maintenance.


Are you dying to show off that sun-kissed shine in your hair? Toffee is for you! This earthy brown shade beautifully enhances your highlights creating a stunning dimensional effect. Choose a baby balayage if you want the subtle, dimensional look that Zendaya has been achieving in her upcoming film 'Challengers.' This low-maintenance shade subtly blends different shades and requires less frequent touch-ups, which is ideal for all busy bodies. Plus, it complements most Indian skin tones.

Rich chocolate with hazelnuts

Have you ever dreamed of having hair as rich and creamy as your favorite chocolate? Then rich chocolate with hazelnuts is the color for you! Adds depth and dimension to your locks, making your hair appear thicker and fuller. Stylists typically achieve this look using a base color of espresso brown with subtle highlights throughout. Baby Lights: These ultra-fine highlights subtly lighten hair for a milk chocolate effect that blends perfectly with the base color. This shade is also relatively low-maintenance, as the darker base color helps hide any root growth between appointments.

Spicy ginger touch

Are you looking for something daring? Spice things up with the shade Ginger Spice, a fiery take on the classic brunette. He thinks of Isla Fisher's fiery locks in 'Wedding Crashers' but with a more subtle touch. With an apricot or copper undertone, this medium-toned orange-brown pops in the sun. This shade can be achieved with a variety of techniques depending on the desired level of “spiciness.” For a subtle touch of warmth, follow the Balayage style by adding soft highlights throughout your hair. This is a fantastic option for those who want to make a statement without going full-blown redheads!

fuchsia fury

Fuchsia has burst onto the scene with its electrifying pink hues for a reason. This beautiful color embodies confidence and joy, while adding a quaint vintage touch. The tone requires previously lightened hair to achieve its full vitality. If you have naturally black hair, you need a Plex-infused bleach. This helps restore hair elasticity, minimizing damage during the lightening process. Follow with a shampoo formulated with blue-violet pigments to neutralize unwanted brassy tones that may emerge as the pink fades.

Violet atmosphere

Release your inner mermaid with the enchanting charm of this deep purple shade that combines red and blue tones to create a captivating effect. Think a touch less intense than Kylie Jenner's iconic purple locks, but just as mesmerizing! Like the fuchsia tone, the violet requires previously lightened hair to obtain optimal results. More than just a passing trend, purple hair is a bold statement, but it also requires a good hair care ritual. Think rich, creamy serums with strengthening keratin and nourishing argan oil to keep your hair healthy.