TikTok says its revamped Creator Fund has increased total creator revenue by more than 250%


TikTok announced today that its revamped Creator Fund has increased total creator revenue by more than 250% within the last six months. The company says the fund, which launched a year ago and ultimately replaced TikTok's original $1 billion Creator Fund, is exiting beta in the coming weeks. TikTok also announced that its Live Subscription monetization tool is being renamed “Subscriptions” and will soon be expanded to non-Live creators.

At launch, the revised Creator was called the Creativity Program. As the program comes out of beta, it has now been renamed the “Creator Rewards Program”. Unlike the original Creator Fund, the new program rewards creators for longer content, as it rewards users who create videos longer than a minute. Since releasing longer videos, TikTok says users are spending 50% of their time watching longer content, while viewership of longer videos has increased nearly 40% over the past six months.

The revised fund was created in response to complaints from creators who said TikTok's previous model offered low payouts, with some creators saying they earned a few dollars for videos that received millions of views. When TikTok first launched the revamped fund, it was estimated that creators would be able to earn more than 20 times more on TikTok than before.

Although TikTok is looking to compete with YouTube by launching longer videos, it does not offer the same payment options as the Google-owned platform. YouTube, which shares advertising revenue with its creators, paid out $30 billion over three years. TikTok's new Creator Fund seeks to celebrate creators and encourage them to post their longer videos on TikTok instead of just YouTube.

Thanks to the redesigned subscription offering, TikTok is offering non-live creators a new way to connect with their audiences through exclusive content and features. TikTok will initially make it available to creators on an invitation-only basis, with qualified creators getting the ability to sign up for access in the coming weeks.

By expanding the tools, TikTok is allowing creators to provide features to their subscribers for their videos and Lives, instead of just Lives. Creators will be able to post exclusive videos that only subscribers can view. Users who subscribe to a creator will have a subscriber badge displayed next to their name when posting comments on videos and during Live. TikTok says more features will become available once the feature is fully rolled out.

TikTok also announced that it is upgrading its Creator Portal Education Center to Creator Academy to provide creators with updated resources, courses, articles, and insights. The Advanced Hub is currently in testing and will be available in seven different languages, with more to come in the coming weeks.