The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can easily replace my gaming handheld


I've been obsessed with handheld game consoles since the 1990s and my first Game Boy, and while I love it Nintendo Switch It is relatively weak. Meanwhile, more powerful steam deck It's too heavy and short-lived to be portable, proving that it's hard to strike the right balance in modern handheld gaming.

However, salvation may have come in the form of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra,
recently watching samsung galaxy unpacked After the event I took note of its impressive features and started wondering if my next gaming handheld should also be my next mobile phone.

I play Android games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Minecraft, and Genshin Impact on my mobile devices. And I have recently purchased a Retroid Pocket 3+ to play both Android and emulated games, although this device runs on Android OS it has severe limitations on CPU power.