The price of the Xbox Wireless Controller Dream Vapor Edition has dropped even more at Amazon and you can save even more with the coupon


It's another great week for Xbox deal seekers, as discounts continue on the recently released Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller. But it gets better, because it's once again dropped to its lowest price ever and this time Amazon has thrown a new coupon into the mix, bringing its price even lower.

Things got off to a good start a few weeks ago when the Dream Vapor Controller dropped to $57.99. After this it fell further to $52.99. However, you can now purchase the controller from Amazon Only $42.39 While the store page's additional coupon is live. Just make sure to check the box for additional discounts that apply at checkout. In the UK, a slight exemption remains £59.99 (Was £64.99).

Dream Vapor Special Edition – Save More with Coupon

Not surprisingly, the Xbox Wireless Controller tops our list of best Xbox controllers due to its sturdy build quality (which is more reliable than the premium Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2), great battery life, and attractive color options. Is.

What makes the Dream Vapor Special Edition special is its mesmerizing swirl pattern. Each unit has its own unique pattern, meaning no two are alike. This colorway is a great choice if you want to have a controller that's truly your own.

Right now, the Dream Vapor model is the cheapest one available on Amazon. Other colors are also discounted, but additional coupons make this special edition cheaper than all of them, at least until then.

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