The fighter is likely to show a HUGE jump on day 2; he will cross Rs. 35 cr. on Republic Day: Bollywood Box Office


After a somewhat lackluster start on Day 1, the much-awaited Hrithik Roshan – Deepika Padukone starrer Fighter is gearing up for a stunning turnaround on its second day, with predictions pointing towards a potential crossover of at least 60% growth with Rs. 35 crore mark on Republic Day. Directed by Siddharth Anand, the film began with a somewhat subpar start. Rs. 21-22 crores on its first day, attracting major business from all four bustling metropolitan cities – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi. However, the tide is expected to turn significantly in the film's favor, thanks to Anand's track record of delivering engaging content and the overwhelmingly positive reviews coming in.

The fighter is likely to show a HUGE jump on day 2;  he will cross Rs.  35 cr.  on republic dayThe fighter is likely to show a HUGE jump on day 2;  he will cross Rs.  35 cr.  on republic day

Despite Day 1, Fighter managed to earn approximately Rs. 21-22 crore, with a sizeable chunk of the audience coming from the bustling metropolitan centers across the country. Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi played a crucial role in contributing to the film's initial collections. Notably, the film witnessed an impressive 1 million views on its first day, demonstrating substantial audience engagement despite the moderate initial numbers.

Siddharth Anand, known for his directorial prowess and ability to deliver engaging content, is expected to be the driving force behind Fighter's revival. The director has a track record of turning the tables with gripping narratives and visually stunning sequences. With positive initial reviews highlighting the film's strengths, including the script, performances, and action sequences, the stage is set for Fighter to show substantial growth on day 2.

The Republic Day holiday is set to change the rules of the game for Fighter. With patriotic fervor in full swing, the film is likely to witness a surge in audience footfall, further bolstering its box office performance. The national holiday provides a golden opportunity for the film to take advantage of the extended weekend and make significant progress in terms of collection.

While the Republic Day boost is expected to contribute substantially to Fighter's box office fortunes, the real test lies in its ability to stay strong through the weekend and into Monday. The collections on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays will be instrumental in determining the overall success of the film. Sustained positive word of mouth and continued audience engagement will be crucial factors in ensuring a strong performance at the box office.

As the nation celebrates Republic Day, Fighter is all set to emerge as a cinematic triumph, overcoming the hurdles of a somewhat quiet opening to potentially cross the R. 35 crore mark. With Siddharth Anand at the helm and a positive buzz surrounding the film, all eyes are on Fighter as it takes off in the coming days, promising an exciting cinematic experience for audiences across the country.

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