The biggest feature of Helldivers 2 is its story, which is told by the players themselves.


hell diver 2 This is one of the biggest gaming surprises of 2024 so far. We're only two months into its lifespan, but the longevity the PS5 game is showing is astonishing when you consider that the core gameplay loop is still relatively limited in scope, and it's all thanks to developer Arrowhead Game Studios' Live service. How handling nature and letting players control the narrative. Or at least let them think they are in control.

For those reading who have not yet fought for managed democracy and defended Super Earth, the entire hell diver 2 The community is fighting a galactic war. Super Earth is our home and it is under threat from several alien factions, primarily the Terminids, a species of ultra-aggressive alien bugs and automatons, Terminator-esque robots. A third alien race is reportedly coming soon – the Illuminate – more on them later.