Summer Style Guide for College Students: Beat the Heat with Fresh, Cheerful Trends


It's summer in India and it's time to ditch all those heavy fabrics for comfortable, breathable fabrics with pretty, vibrant prints that will reflect your relaxed mood. As temperatures rise, summer brings with it endless fashion possibilities, especially for college students. So whether you're hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or attending classes on campus, here's the ultimate guide to looking cooler than ever this summer, brought to you by Amar Pawar, chief fashion designer and co-founder of Powerlook, an exclusive urban fashion store. men's clothing brand.

How to succeed in the summer look with style

Amar Pawar shares the following summer fashion tips for youngsters:

1. Brighten up your wardrobe: First things first, it's time to ditch those heavy layers and embrace lightweight, breathable fabrics. Opt for cotton, knit or structured clothing that allows your skin to breathe and keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. From cozy crochet shirts to baggy cargo pants, choose pieces that offer style and function in the summer heat. Pawar advises: “In summer, it's all about choosing fabrics that keep you cool and at the same time look stylish. Embrace lighter colors and breathable materials to stay comfortable and fashionable.”

2. Embrace vibrant colors and prints: Summer is the perfect time to inject some fun and personality into your wardrobe with vibrant colors and fun prints. Swap out those boring neutrals for bold hues like sunny yellows, navy blues, and tropical greens. Experiment with bold patterns, like whimsical prints, oversized dropped shoulders, or waffle puff sleeve designs to add a touch of personality to your look. “Amp up your style quotient by incorporating vibrant colors and bold prints into your summer wardrobe,” suggests Pawar. “Don't be afraid to mix and match bold patterns for a look unique to you.”

3. Keep it casual with light layers: When it comes to summer dressing, less is more. Embrace a relaxed, casual vibe by layering lightweight pieces for an effortless look. Think breathable t-shirts, loose shorts and lightweight jackets or oversized shirts for those cooler nights. Keep your look effortlessly relaxed and cool with easy-to-wear pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night. “Layering is key to mastering the summer look,” says Pawar. “Pair a printed T-shirt with loose pants and top with a structured overshirt for a versatile and modern look.”

4. Don't forget the accessories: No summer look is complete without the right accessories to bring it all together. Elevate your look with statement sunglasses, a stylish hat, or a lightweight scarf to add a touch of style to your outfit. Don't be afraid to experiment with accessories to add personality and sparkle to your look, whether you're heading to the beach or going to class. “Invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses or a classic straw hat to add an instant cool factor to your look,” suggests Amar Pawar.