Sony brings Passkey support to PlayStation for secure access: Here's how to activate it


Sony is rolling out Passkey support on PlayStation platforms globally as an alternative way for users to access their PlayStation Network accounts. The company made the announcement on Monday and said Passkeys will provide PlayStation users with a more secure and convenient way to sign in to the platform and access experiences. PlayStation until now offered security features like two-step verification as well as a password-based sign-in option. Passkeys will eliminate the need to remember passwords and instead tie access to accounts and services to device-specific identification such as a fingerprint scan, Face ID on an iPhone, or a PIN.

PlayStation Guardian said that Passkeys was the “next step” in bringing a more convenient and secure login method to its users. “Historically, a challenge for Sony Interactive and the tech and gaming industry as a whole has been that the use of passwords is a limit to how well an identity can be protected and how much a person can do if there is a password. Can access experiences quickly and easily. Forgotten, compromised, or simply difficult to access on a given device,” the company said in its blog post.

According to Sony, if users access the passkeys through the same Sony account they will work with other company services.

Passkeys are cryptographic keys generated specifically for digital services that serve as an alternative way to sign in to an account without requiring a traditional password. The password can be guessed, stolen, or forgotten, but the passkey does not even need to be remembered by the user. Instead, the key is generated through biometric authentication such as fingerprint and facial scanning associated with the device, or a device PIN.

The rollout of Passkeys on PlayStation will further strengthen account security on the PlayStation Network, which has been the subject of numerous hacks and malicious cyberattacks over the years. The company introduced two-step verification in 2016 to add an additional layer of security to PlayStation platforms.

PlayStation users can get started with Passkey by activating the feature on their PSN account. You can go to and click Activate Now to set up the passkey. Or you can directly go to the Account Management section of your PSN account, click on the Security tab and activate the Sign in with Passkey option. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the passkey associated with the device of your choice. Keep in mind, once Passkey is activated on PlayStation, two-step verification will be disabled.

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