Song Joong Ki's 'My Name Is Loh Kiwan' to Release on March 1


New Delhi: Based on Cho Haejin's novel “I Met Loh Kiwan,” the highly anticipated Korean film “My Name is Loh Kiwan” tells the love story of North Korean defector Loh Kiwan (Song Joong Ki) and professional marksman Mari (Choi Sung Eun). ). .

North Korean defector Loh Kiwan, from North Hamgyong Province, arrives in Belgium, a place where he doesn't speak the language or understand the customs, and has nothing to his name. But he has a burning desire to survive and tries to apply for refugee status from the Belgian government. He had an unpleasant encounter with Mari, a Korean-born former shooter who lost her reason to live. The two find companionship and love in the hopelessness of their situation.

The newly released poster shows Loh Kiwan and Marie looking in different directions. The text says: “Unknown land, discouraging life”, which hints at the harsh and cold reality that the two face at the most precarious moment of their lives in a strange country in Europe. Another text says “Do we deserve happiness?” generating curiosity about how Kiwan and Marie, who are opposites and with different destinies, could understand and comfort each other as they begin an arduous emotional journey.

One of the most popular actors, Song Joong Ki, once again shows his versatility in a heartbreaking role. The Vincenzo star at the Cannes premiere of his critically acclaimed film “Hopeless” had revealed that he was driven by a constant hunger for good roles and scripts, and that as an actor he was still a work in progress.

Directed by filmmaker Kim Hee-jin, known for her works such as “The Negotiation, The Beauty Inside,” she said: “I wanted to show and tell through Ki-wan that most of life is full of pain, but that There is still a corner to live.” sometimes”, in the hope that the public can empathize with these two characters.

My Name is Loh Kiwan will premiere on March 1 on Netflix.