So many copies of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth have been sold that players are being given celebratory in-game shirts


One week after launch, it's done Confirmed He Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth It is the fastest-selling game in the series, selling one million copies in the first seven days. Additionally, players are being thanked for their support with free in-game items.

Considering that the series has been running since 2005, spanning 23 titles across the main series and spinoffs, this is quite a feat. According to steamdb statistics, infinite wealth Developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has its highest number of concurrent players on Steam ever, with 46,161 concurrent players just days after its release. In comparison, the studio's second-highest concurrent Steam player count is 2023 Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which peaked at 13,737 after three days of release. It's worth keeping in mind that these figures aren't for console players.