Shraddha Kapoor posts funny video, calls Goa trip a 'waste' – WATCH


New Delhi: In a world where exotic destinations and adventure-filled itineraries dominate social media, actress Shraddha Kapoor is doing things a little differently during her recent trip to Goa. Instead of chasing sunsets or exploring hidden treasures, the actress opted for a more relaxed approach, indulging in fries by the pool and sharing memes with her followers.

Currently stationed in Goa, Shraddha took to her social media to share a funny video accompanied by a witty caption, asking her followers about their own experiences of 'wasting' their trips to Goa by indulging in French fries and sharing memes. The video, in which Shraddha enjoys a quiet moment by the pool with a plate of chips, immediately caught the attention of her fans and followers.

Since the release of the video, Shraddha's social media accounts have been flooded with reactions from amused netizens who couldn't help but join in on the banter. From funny comments to humorous observations, his followers enthusiastically embraced the light-hearted spirit of the post.

One user humorously quipped: “Goa jaake techno party karna fries khake memes bhejna.” Another follower, perhaps caught in a moment of hunger, expressed his gratitude and said, “Thank God you posted this while I was breaking my fast.”

Even fitness enthusiasts offered friendly reminders about healthy eating habits. “Don't eat French fries.” However, amidst the joyful conversation, one sentiment stood out: appreciation for the bond between Shraddha Kapoor and his fans. A dedicated fan expressed heartfelt gratitude to him and said, “Akhir meri mehnat kaam aa hi gayi. Thanks for sharing all my memes. Love forever,” to which Shraddha responded with a simple yet meaningful message: “Keep memein’.”