Shaitaan Box Office: Ajay Devgn starrer gets a good Monday, it's a hit that goes on to be a superhit: Bollywood Box Office


Shaitaan scored quite well on Monday with Rs. 7.81 crores arrive. This is also the best Monday for a movie in 2024, as Fighter had contributed Rs. 7 crores on its first Monday. Now Shaitaan has scored much better despite a much lower first day compared to Fighter, which also shows how stable the film has been. Yeah, Article 370 He had also performed quite well on Monday, but that was playing at lower levels. Here, Shaitaan It had a double-digit Friday of Rs. 15.21 crore and from there, which was a partial holiday, to Monday, which is a normal day, the film has held up quite well.

The film has also been well received by family audiences despite its supernatural theme and father-daughter angle with a 'shaitaan'In the mix of things it had generated quite a few feelings. While the promotion was pitched as a thrill ride for the audience, it is the emotional angle that has worked quite well and that is something that attracts audiences both in multiplexes and single screens, and also in big and small centres.

When something like this happens, the film lasts a long time and director Vikas Behl can be satisfied with the fact that there will be a lot of preparation for his Shaitaan We will enjoy from here. The film had already grossed Rs. 62.94 crores and while Rs. This week 80 crores would be crossed and a century would be achieved in the second weekend, what needs to be seen is where it will finally land. As of now, a life in the vicinity of Rs. 150 crores is a possibility, which means Shaitaan It's already a bit on its way to being a big box office hit.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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