Shah Rukh Khan dances to Ed Sheeran tunes on Mannat's visit: Inside video | Hindi Movie News


A recent video has surfaced online showing global music icon Ed Sheeran visiting Shah Rukh Khan's residence, manat. In the video, Ed Sheeran can be seen serenading Shah Rukh Khan with his hit song “Perfect” while he strums his guitar. Shah Rukh Khan seems completely enchanted by the melodious performance.

The video was shared by Farah Khan on her Instagram account, where she juxtaposes images of Ed Sheeran. visit to Mannat with scenes from his big musical concert in Mumbai.

The first part of the video captures the intimate moment at Mannat, where Ed Sheeran wows the audience with his soulful performance of 'Perfect', with Shah Rukh Khan sitting next to him, clearly enjoying the performance.

Elsewhere in the video, Ed Sheeran can be seen dominating the stage at his concert, surrounded by a sea of ​​fans.
Just a few days before, Gauri Khan, wife of Shah Rukh Khan and renowned interior designer, also shared photos and videos of Ed Sheeran's visit to Mannat. The post featured stunning pictures of Gauri with Ed, along with a video of him singing his popular song 'Thinking Out Loud' to everyone present.
Ed Sheeran's visit to India marked the final stop on his record-breaking tour, which culminated in a spectacular concert at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai on March 16, 2024. The event was a dream come true for many fans, with the vibrant energy of Ed Sheeran and the innovative 360-degree circular rotating stage that provides an unforgettable experience.

Overall, the video captures the magical moments shared between Shah Rukh Khan and Ed Sheeran at Mannat, adding to the excitement surrounding Ed Sheeran's visit to India and his electrifying concert in Mumbai.