Secrets revealed! Three Creative Ways Married Couples Can Rekindle Romance


There are moments in the complex web of marriage when a couple can rekindle their passion and fires that go beyond their commitment. Looking for ways to challenge social conventions and investigate new and unusual connections can be stimulating and energizing for people who are already married. Now is the perfect time to explore the complexities of new relationships, exploring the fascinating and surprising, as well as everything in between. Married people have the opportunity to elevate their relationship to a new level by escaping routine and introducing a new rhythm.

Sybil Shiddell, country director of Gleeden in India, expresses an analogous point of view: “Human nature persistently seeks creative ways and strategies to escape habitual customs.” Only our own research indicates that relationships also have this characteristic. Before any particular event, I urge our users to venture into uncharted territory, ignite their passions and dive into the ocean of love. What counts is giving married people the life-defining experiences they deserve, away from the spotlight. Seize the opportunity to create a celebration of uniqueness, warmth and joy by letting your boldness and confidence do the talking.”

Secrets to keep love alive in a committed relationship

In the spirit of innovation, consider these three exciting things married people could do to commemorate a big day with their covert partners:

A creative date night

Can you still feel the thrill of being absorbed in the moment with your hidden admirer? A Gleeden study found that 44% of users believe it is feasible to be in love with two people at the same time, and a surprising 54% admit to having at least one lover outside of their formal relationship. If this strikes a chord with you, it's time to recapture the drive to impress, the subtle hints and sneaky innuendos from the days when you felt completely alive.

Take your secret lover to a bar or other special place where you can recreate those hard-to-get routines. For the rest of the night, act like you don't know each other again and recreate the excitement of the person falling into your lap. Try to bring your passion back into whatever you do and always remember that sincerity is essential.

A night of serenity

It is worth accepting the invitation to tranquility that calls us. Find the quietest spot in the area, being careful not to raise suspicions by scheduling an ostentatious outing. Let go of any tolerance you have developed for a lack of physical attraction or affection. According to Gleeden's internal statistics, 38% of users cheated because they were not physically attracted to each other and 33% felt they did not receive enough love, care or attention.

Give in to the pull of falling in love and follow its example. Enjoy your fantasies, let your inner self free and play dominant or submissive roles with your secret partner, nothing is forbidden. Light the flame and embark on the most daring adventures you can imagine.

Unexpected intimacy

Whether it's in a car, an elevator, a garden, a balcony, or the back of a parking lot, choose the least likely places for intimate interactions. Encourage your close confidant to give in to their deepest desires. Take advantage of the rush, share it with your partner and surrender to the desires of your subconscious. Organize a power game in which perspiration, contact and breathing function as agents of your common passion. Remember, everything works out.

The key is to create the ideal environment for heartfelt, shared experiences, whether achieved through creative date nights, peaceful getaways, or unplanned intimate moments. This effort goes beyond the norm and infuses the marriage relationship with a spirit of joy and passion, proving that keeping some things private can be a beautiful secret only shared between two hearts.