Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, Death Stranding 2: everything announced at PlayStation 2


PlayStation hosted the year's first State of Play Games showcase earlier Thursday, bringing a number of new announcements, reveals, and updates on upcoming releases. Sony took a deeper dive into two of its first-party titles with extended gameplay trailers for Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade. The latter finally got a release date as well – Shift Up's action-adventure title is arriving on April 26th. Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin received a detailed gameplay trailer, showing off sword combat, special weapons, and traversal. We also got to learn a little more about the game's Edo period setting, which takes place right in the middle of the Japanese Revolution.

The State of Play Showcase took an in-depth look at Death Stranding 2 with a nearly 10-minute long trailer, detailing new gameplay elements, a story beyond the first game, and new and returning characters. Norman Reedus' Sam Porter Bridges saved America in the first game, now he must save the world from extinction. Of course, as you'd expect from a Hideo Kojima game, plot and story details remain under wraps at best. But hey, would you want it any other way? At the end of the State of Play showcase, Kojima himself was joined by PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst and made a surprise. The celebrated game director will be working on an action-espionage title (not Metal Gear Solid) for PlayStation, with the untitled game beginning development after Death Stranding 2.

The showcase saw over a dozen announcements, including an update on the Silent Hill 2 remake, a new story trailer for Ken Levine's Judas, and an enhanced version of Until Dawn coming to PS5 and PC this year. State of Play also showed off some PS VR2 titles, a newly remastered Sonic game that brings the best of 2D and 2D levels from the series, and more. Sony also announced that the next State of Play on February 6 will focus solely on Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. With that said, here's everything that was announced at PlayStation's State of Play:

Rise of the Ronin – Gameplay Trailer

Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin, which will release on PS5 on March 22, got a 4-minute long gameplay overview trailer in State of Play, featuring detailed battle mechanics, swordplay, special weapons, and seamless traversal. The game, which looks like a first cousin to Ghost of Tsushima, will also introduce important player choices at key moments in the story that will affect further events.

Set in 19th century Japan, right in the middle of the Bakumatsu period, Rise of the Ronin takes you to period-accurate Yokohama. The trailer features an Assassin's Creed-style seamless urban excursion, in which players rapidly climb buildings using their grappling hook, launch and fly through the air using an 'Avicula' glider, and ride a He gets down straight on his horse. The trailer also details katana combat, which consists of attacks, guards, and parries, with a focus on breaking enemy stances while dealing damage. The grappling hook also lets you pull enemies closer and eliminate them with style. In addition to Japanese swords and spears, you can also use Western firearms such as handguns, rifles, and other special weapons such as flamethrowers. While comparisons with Ghost of Tsushima are inevitable, Rise of the Ronin retains the identity of Team Ninja with a focus on fast-paced, punishing, and technical fighting. The game will arrive exclusively on PS5 on March 22nd.

stellar blade

Stellar Blade finally got a release date at the State of Play showcase, along with a gameplay overview trailer. The game is set to arrive on PS5 on April 26th. Developers Shift Up have also confirmed that pre-orders for the game will go live on February 7th. Customers who pre-order the game will also receive cosmetic bonuses and in-game currency boosts. ,

The trailer details Stellar Blade's hack-and-slash action combat and some other game mechanics. The game puts players in the role of Eve, an off-world warrior sent to Earth to combat the Natybas, demonic invaders who have taken over the planet. There's bound to be controversy over Eve's character design – running around in a skin-tight, anime-style outfit doesn't really make much sense for a skilled warrior sent to defeat dangerous threats on a post-apocalyptic planet . She teams up with two other survivors, Adam and Lily, and set out on a quest to reclaim the Earth.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

Okay, there's a lot to unpack here and it's probably pointless to even try. First off, there's the official title of DS2 – Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. The trailer for Death Stranding 2 was exactly what one might expect from a Death Stranding trailer – long, mysterious, and completely insane. And of course, it showed off some gorgeous visuals and new environments, clearly showing the sequel's expanded ambitions.

It's hard to even describe what happened in the trailer. The baby is back. And there are also familiar faces like Norman Reedus' Sam and Léa Seydoux's Fragile. There's now a new organization called Drawbridge in the mix and we see Fragile give Sam a tour of a ship, which is now their new base of operations. She wants him to help bring the world back together, just like he helped reunite the United Cities of America or UCA in the first game. There is now also a ventriloquist, who accompanies Sam on his hiking trips. As UCA intends to expand its boundaries and bring new areas under its fold, Sam is tasked with expanding the network.

The trailer shows off new vehicles, more BT, stunning new environments, and a bunch of new gadgets to help you on your journey. Troy Baker's Higgs, the main antagonist from the first game, also returns. This time, he wears metal-ninja armor, has Joker-style face makeup and uses an electrified new guitar weapon. And the sequel will tell us even more about bridge baby BB-28, or Lu, who was our companion throughout the first game. There is no official release date for DS2 yet, but it will be released sometime next year.

sonic x shadow generations

Sega revealed Sonic X Shadow Generations at the State of Play Showcase, a remastered collection that brings together Sonic Generations' beloved 2D and 3D levels. The platformer will also include new content and a brand new standalone campaign for Shadow the Hedgehog. The game will come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch in autumn 2024.

Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill 2 Remake received a trailer at the State of Play showcase, which included more gameplay footage from the game. We got to see the game's third-person combat for the first time, in addition to the game's environment, setting, and some of the game's terrifying monsters.

Additionally, as a PT-like surprise, Konami also released a free short-form horror game, Silent Hill: The Short Message, which can be downloaded now. The experimental title unfolds from a first-person perspective and introduces a new protagonist, with a focus on the social media and smartphone-oriented lives of young people.


First revealed at The Game Awards 2022, Judas is an upcoming first-person shooter from Ghost Story Games, led by BioShock creator Ken Levine. The game's new State of Play trailer focuses on its story and player choices. The game is based on the Mayflower, a space-faring city whose residents – as the title suggests – can betray each other at any time.

The trailer also shows off the game's combat, which will look very familiar to BioShock fans. Judas is set to arrive on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X sometime next year.

Here's everything that was announced at State of Play

  • Genshin Impact creator miHoYo's action-RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, is coming to PS5 this year
  • Metro Awakening, Vertigo Games' story-driven first-person VR adventure, is coming to PS VR2 this year
  • Legendary Tales, Urban Wolf Games' VR action-RPG, comes to PS VR2 on February 8th
  • Until Dawn, Supermassive Games' narrative-focused survival horror PS4 title, is getting an enhanced version for PS5 and PC this year.
  • Stunlock Studio's action-RPG survival title We Rising is coming to PS5 this year
  • Dave the Diver, 2023's controversial indie hit, is coming to PS5 and PS4 in April, along with a new Godzilla DLC.
  • Foamstar Season 1 content details revealed, arriving on February 6th

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