Rihanna SLAMMED for provocative photoshoot that 'sexualizes' nuns; Internet users call it 'religious mockery' |


Rihanna has been turned on controversy once again, this time with a photo session in which she appears dressed as a nun. Although it wasn't so much her nun's habit that sparked her outrage, but rather the singer's 'seductive' poses that see her removing her buttoned shirt to reveal the tattoo of his on her chest. to
The singer, who appeared on the cover of Interview magazine's latest issue, was accused of “sexualizing” nuns and disrespecting the religious order. The photos and video of the 36-year-old star drew harsh criticism from social media users who saw the images as offensive to Christians and Catholics.
In response to the photos, comments flooded Rihanna's social media platforms, with many expressing their disappointment. One user condemned the shooting as 'religious mockery,' while others questioned why Rihanna chose to 'mock a religion' with her fashion choices.

Despite the backlash, some of Rihanna's fans came to her defense, comparing the situation to people dressing up as “slutty nuns” for Halloween and questioning the consistency of the criticism in such cases.

Meanwhile, tweets indicate that her photoshoot has sparked a meme fest and many have taken to Tik-Tok to share their hilarious recreation of the images.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has faced backlash for her cultural and religious insensitivity.. In 2021, she was accused of 'cultural appropriation' for wearing a pendant depicting the Hindu god Ganesha in a topless photo. Additionally, in a previous incident, she received criticism for using sacred Islamic texts in the soundtrack of her Savage x Fenty lingerie show.
Rihanna, known for pushing boundaries with her fashion choices, has often left netizens with divided opinions. Her appearance in MET Gala 2018, dressed in a Pope-inspired ensemble designed by John Galliano, sparked controversy: some praised the creativity while others criticized it and found it offensive. The singer wore the elaborate studded creation in the context of the event's theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”