Ransomware hack leaks Wolverine gameplay, upcoming Insomniac games slate, and more


wolverine PS5 gameplay footage and internal data from countless Insomniac Games employees has been leaked online. Ransomware group Rhysida has followed through on its threat to release 1.67TB of confidential data after publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) refused to meet their demands to pay 50BTC or $2 million within a week. The group also claims to have leaked 98 percent of the data, while the remaining two percent was sold to unknown vendors – it's unclear what those files contain. Videos featuring animated storyboards, concept art, locations, general plot, and raw gameplay with a targeted release window of 2026 have begun circulating online.

Apart from gameplay, the leak also includes a bootable build wolverine, which includes the main menu titled 'Vertical Slice' and a selection of chapters that I am considering presenting to investors and publishers. Cast details are also now available, revealing Spartacus star Liam McIntyre as Logan/The Wolverine, acclaimed voice actor Troy Baker as Mister Sinister, and Debra Wilson as Callisto – the last of them from WB Also stars in the games Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. As for Amanda Waller, details of whose story also leaked earlier this week. Without going into details, the in-game presentation is different from Insomniac Spider Man Games, with a tight over-the-shoulder camera that's reminiscent of God of war reboot. As previously mentioned, it is set on the island of Madripoor and offers brutal combat aided by Logan's adamantium claws, which can also be used to block incoming attacks.

“Yes, we knew who we were attacking. We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target,'' a Raisida spokesperson told CyberDaily, adding that the group was able to break into the domain administrator 'within 20-25 minutes.' The files also include emails between staff members and presentations listing Insomniac's upcoming unannounced games, which point to a full lineup of Marvel games that may or may not connect with each other. As it happens, wolverine is the first of a planned trilogy of X Men Games, second and third entries are planned for 2029 and 2033 respectively. A new one as well as some new IPs are in the works Spider Man The title we all saw coming, considering how the ending was set up in the newly launched Spider-Man 2.

Last week, Insomniac Games delayed its Spider-Man 2 New Game+ update until early 2024, promising that the release will bring a number of new features into the mix, including mission replays, the ability to change the time of day in the game And include. More. However, the leak also revealed more free DLC, promising new missions with villains like the Beetle and Carnage, and some crossover with Sony Pictures Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse NPCs, villains and Low-framerate comic books included. View Filter. Since the leak, developers have come together online to show support for Insomniac Games and condemn the hackers responsible for it. Even Rockstar Games fell victim to such an attack in 2022, which leaked in-development GTA VI footage, compromising the effort put into the game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is available only on PS5. There is no official release window yet for the upcoming wolverine game.

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