Rahat Fateh Ali Khan defends controversial video, calls it 'personal matter' |


pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan It was recently found in center of controversy after a video of him hit a student It went viral on the Internet. The video shows the singer wearing a footwear Discipline the student while asking him about the whereabouts of a bottle. As the incident unfolded Indignation among netizens, Rahat has now defended his actions by calling them personal issue.
In response to the backlash, Rahat took to his social media to post a clarifying video alongside the student involved and the student's father. He justified his actions as the unique relationship between a teacher and his student.
“The videos you are watching are a personal matter between an ustad and shagird (master and his disciple). He is like my son. That is the relationship between a master and his disciple. If a disciple does something good, I take a shower. My love on him. If he does something wrong, he will be punished,” Rahat explained in the video.

Video of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan slapping and kicking his employee goes viral; The singer issues a clarification.

In the viral video, when Rahat asked the whereabouts of the bottle, the student admitted to having misplaced the bottle, which contained holy water, blessed by a religious cleric who recited verses over it.

In the clarification video, the student expressed his loyalty towards his teacher and stated: “He is like my father. He loves us very much. Whoever spread this video is trying to defame my ustad.” The singer also revealed that he had apologized to the student following the incident. The student's father also came out to defend Rahat.