Raghav Chadha Shares Thank You Post To His Wife Parineeti Chopra; he calls her 'My rock star'-See photos |


Parineeti Chopra He made his first appearance singing live in 2024 Bombay Festival. While she has received praise from all sides, it is her husband Rahav Chadha's thank you post on Instagram that caught our attention.
Check out his post here:

Raghav shared a few moments of Parineeti singing live on the stage of her recent concert. Along with the photos, he wrote: 'My rock star, my nightingale, my personal queen of melody, as a trained classical singer with music in my soul, you bring the lyrics to life, Paru! I am totally amazed (and very excited) when you finally take this new path that you have been wanting to travel for so long. Go ahead and shake the world, my girl! I'll always be here; supporting and encouraging you.”
He also hilariously added: 'P.S. Finally the world will be able to see the free concerts I have at home every day. Ha ha'.

As soon as she shared the post, likes and comments poured in from all sides. While one user wrote: “This is so touching,” another added: “Happy you both found each other.” One fan also commented: 'This is beautiful… his total and unabashed love for his wife is totally inspiring.' I really think PCC will be phenomenal because she is a true soul with very positive “VIBES”.

Leave your mark PCC, we all support you 200%.

Parineeti Chopra's husband Raghav Chadha 'blesses' the actress ahead of her theater debut

Previously, Parineeti took to social media on January 30 to share a series of videos documenting the day of her recent concert, which marked her inaugural live performance. In the clips, Parineeti is captured chatting with her husband Raghav Chadha over a video call. She mentioned that Raghav came forward to ensure her well-being on the important day of her live performance.