Pokemon guessing game Pokedoku tests my love and knowledge of the series


I thought I was a die-hard Pokemon fan. I've collected TCGs (Trading Card Games) since I was six years old and have played every game since then pokemon diamond And Pearl Watching each episode of the anime religiously growing up. However, a new web browser game, pokedoku by pauldrowsart, It made me realize I'm not as much of a superfan as I thought.

Every day, pokedoku The puzzle game will feature a different puzzle structured in a format similar to Sudoku. This provides you with a nine-by-nine grid with three details on the X and Y axis; This can be a Pokémon type, region, evolution line, or special form, and then you have to figure out which Pokémon fits into each of the nine grid squares. For example, it may ask you for a Poison/Bug-type Pokémon, which could be Venomnet or Beedrill. However, to make things more challenging, you only get nine guesses – so you can't continue guessing the Pokémon until you make a correct guess.