Playing Synergy's free demo showed me how precious water is in a city-building simulator


Lost in a barren and desolate wasteland, you are faced with the challenge of caring for the small group of exiles you find yourself in charge of. With the scorching sun looming over your head and the constant threat of drought every waking moment, alien city-building simulator coordination Players are under pressure to master resource management for the sake of population survival.

After the fall of your hometown, a slice of utopia in the harsh desert, a group of exiles are forced into the wilderness and must make do with the few resources they have. As the leader, your first task is to set up camp near a source of poisonous water, which you drain and purify for your fellow citizens. Soon after, you find yourself setting up a picker cabin so you can farm nearby land – the starting point of your new utopia begins. As well as farming, there are also plenty of buildings to build and employ workers: kitchens, research centres, aroma gardens, and composters all helping to slowly transform this little corner of the desert into another paradise .