Panchayat to Gullak: Viral fever takes over annual Prime Video event


New Delhi: The audience always looks forward to what TVF (The Viral Fever) has to offer them. Having treated the audience with immensely captivating, interesting and relatable stories, TVF has established itself as a market leader in the entertainment industry globally. The public's curiosity is evident in the biggest night of the year, Amazon's Prime Video mega announcement, where TVF stole the show by announcing the third season of Panchayat and its ambitious big web series 'The Indian Code'.

TVF seems to take over 2024 with its engaging content. Having kept the audience on edge with its immensely interesting content, the production house has made two major announcements on Amazon's Prime Video Day. TVF had the most exciting announcements of the day, from the new seasons of Panchayat to its ambitious big web series 'The Indian Code'. They also announced the Telugu and Tamil remake of Panchayat, continuing the trend of being the only production house to reach the entire country with its stories.

In fact, this is the most important announcement that TVF offers to the audience. While Panchayat has 2 seasons, which have been immensely loved by the masses, the masses are eagerly waiting for its third season. Apart from this, TVF comes with 'The Indian Code', which is their most ambitious project. The story of India's technology boom in the late 70s and early 80s will be fascinating and entertaining.

TVF is leaving no stone unturned to prove itself in the content industry. They are the Indian content players that have been able to include 7 shows in the IMDb top 250 list, while in total India has 10 web series in this list. Also, with the upcoming seasons of the most loved shows Panchayat, Gullak and Kota Factory, TVF will surely set its rule in 2024.

The way TVF left a mark on the minds of the audience with their engaging stories is phenomenal. Their shows brought interesting stories to the screens in a highly entertaining way that left audiences impressed.