Pakistani singer Atif Aslam will return after 7 years in Bollywood | Hindi Movie News


Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam He is known for his soulful tunes in Bollywood. Due to a ban, he was banned from working in the Indian film industry. He now he is making a long awaited go back after almost 7 years. The talented artist has collaborated with the upcoming film 'Love Story of 90s' (LSO90's), directed by Amit Kasaria, featuring Adhyayan Suman and Divita Rai, in the lead roles.
According to the global box office, 'Love Story of 90s' producers and distributors Haresh Sangani and Dharmesh Sangani expressed their excitement over Atif's return. They said that it is a very reassuring moment for Atif Aslam to return after 7-8. years. The team is grateful to have sung the first song of 'Love Story of 90s'. They are sure that their fans will be excited and will also accept this song. They believe that such a romantic and relaxing song will be one of the most popular on the charts in 2024.

Atif Aslam's musical journey began in 2003 as a part of the band 'Jal'. He sings predominantly in Urdu, but has demonstrated his versatility by singing in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Pashto. Apart from his musical achievements, Atif made his acting debut in 2011 with the Urdu social drama film 'Bol'. He has also given chart topping songs like 'Dil Diyan Gallan' and 'Main Rang Sharbaton Ka' to name a few.

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