Nitesh Tiwari's Epic 'Ramayana' Starring Ranbir Kapoor To Release ON THIS Date, Reports Say |


Director Nitesh Tiwari All is set for the epic 'Ramayana' on April 2, 2024 in Mumbai. Despite earlier speculation hinting at a delayed start, it is now confirmed that the project will begin filming as planned.

Under the meticulous direction of Nitesh Tiwari, the cast of Ranbir KapoorSai Pallavi, Yash and sunny deol It promises to bring the timeless saga to life.

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According to Pinkvilla, while Ranbir Kapoor, who plays the iconic role of Lord Ram, is currently finalizing crucial 3D scans in Los Angeles, the rest of the team is gearing up to dive into the opening sequences in Film City, Mumbai.
The initial phase of filming will reportedly highlight the formative years of Lord Ram, Laxman and Bharat, with child artists tasked with embodying these legendary characters. Shishir Sharma is slated to play the revered Guru Vasishtha, imparting profound life lessons to the young princes.
According to sources, a grand set, meticulously crafted at Film City, sets the stage for this masterpiece. A fusion of traditional Gurukul ambience and modern green screen technology, the production aims to seamlessly blend visual splendor with narrative authenticity.
While Ranbir Kapoor's physical presence may be momentarily absent from the initial shoot, he is reportedly scheduled to rejoin the set in mid-April.
During the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on April 17, 2024, the team of 'Ramayana' will reveal the grandeur of its film adaptation.