Nintendo Switch 2 to release in March 2025 as company prepares to avoid resale: Report


Nintendo is said to have delayed the launch of its next-generation console, the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Last week's report claimed that the company was advising game publishers that the Nintendo Switch 2 would be delayed until the early months of 2025. Now a new report claims that the Switch successor will be released in March 2025. The Nintendo Switch is now nearly seven years old, and a follow-up console was initially expected to launch during the holiday season later this year.

A report from Japanese publication Nikkei on Monday claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 will arrive as early as March 2025. The report also stated that the decision to delay the console was made to thwart scalpers – people who buy products in large quantities to resell at a profit – and avoid supply issues at launch. Nintendo also reportedly wants a healthy lineup of major launch titles by the time the Switch successor comes out.

The report stated, “…priority was given to securing an initial slate of successor models and a lineup of leading-edge software at the time of release.”

The report also claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will retain hybrid console features from its predecessor, serving as both a portable handheld and a stationary console for a TV in docked mode. Additionally, the Switch 2 is said to have a larger screen than the existing Switch. The standard Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch screen, while the Switch OLED comes with a 7-inch screen. This is in line with reports from last month that claimed the Switch 2 would be larger, with an 8-inch screen.

Console releases are almost always marked by scalpers hoarding large numbers of units, thus creating a shortage in the market in order to sell products at a profit. The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series S also faced similar problems, along with supply chain issues due to COVID-19. It took several months for the current generation consoles to become readily available online and at retail stores.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo had told some publishing executives not to expect a Switch 2 until March 2025 at the earliest. The Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 and has since sold over 139 million units. Analysts expect a thin lineup of major first-party games from Nintendo this year, with the company likely to release its biggest titles coinciding with the launch of the next-generation Switch.

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