My favorite SteelSeries gaming headset is heavily discounted once again with almost 20% off


My favorite gaming headset is on sale today for almost 20% off, and I can't recommend it enough if you're looking to buy a premium headset at a lower price this spring.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is the premier wireless gaming headset, and is widely considered to be the best money buy across all platforms – a claim I can attest to being true.

Today's price cut drops the headset to $285.90 (was $349.99) at Amazon. That's a huge chunk of cash and with almost a $70 discount, it's hard to argue the value here. This isn't the lowest price we've ever seen (it then reached $249.99 in the fall of 2022, and then incredibly briefly in early January this year), but, as far as we can tell. , this is the lowest price the headset has had since last May.

Note that although this price is labeled as the Xbox version, it can be used on PlayStation consoles as well as PC. You can check out more details on the deal below.

Today's best gaming headset deals

I can't recommend the SteelSeries Arctic Nova Pro Wireless enough. This is easily one of the best headsets I've tested and I'd say if you're going to buy any premium or wireless gaming headset this year, this should be it. The SteelSeries Arctic Nova Pro Wireless is now my favorite PS5 headset and has been for about a year and a half; I've reviewed a ton of headsets and seen several come into my house since then, but none have eclipsed the Nova Pro Wireless.

It has an almost perfect package of supreme game audio, excellent and robust design and build quality, a great mic, an ingenious battery solution and a fantastic DAC unit. It is also multi-platform.

However, if you want a few more options when you cut the cord, our price-finding technique below has some of the latest lowest prices on quality wireless gaming headsets.