Motorola's foldable concept phone is the biggest, silliest smartwatch we've ever seen


After the last few years, I'm starting to wonder if we've reached peak smartwatch. How different can they get? Once there you could record every type of health metric under the sun, offer support for third-party apps, release new animated watch face designs featuring Snoopy, and even You can also send AI there, so what else can you do?

Even the best smartwatches are beginning to look increasingly reworked after release. There are some usability concerns that need to be addressed, such as better battery life and a more accurate heart rate sensor, but the basic smartwatch design has hardly changed over the years. This is why I love hybrid smartwatches, like the Withings ScanWatch Horizon and the Garmin Instinct crossover: Without fresh new things to do, we're getting dangerously close to getting bored with similar wrist-mounted wearables.