Mita Vashisht mourns loss of Kumar Shahani: 'He and I were discussing a theater performance he envisioned with me – Exclusive |


Acclaimed Indian film director and screenwriter. Kumar Shahani left for her heavenly abode on February 24, 2024. ETimes contacted the actress Mita Vashisht who reflected on the profound impact it had on his life and career.
Speaking about his passing, Mita shared, “It is a deep sense of loss on many levels as a human being, an artist and a dear person with whom conversations seemed as if my soul was expanding, nourishing and uplifting, at times infused with hope. Kumar and my conversations in recent months lasted almost an hour on the phone.
Elaborating further, he added: “We discussed a lot of things: the world, film, acting, technology. There was nothing he couldn't shed a deep and revealing light on, bringing clarity to what would otherwise be harrowing and chaotic. in the world.” She also shared. “My first movie experience and my inaugural movie role was with him. So his passing has a profound impact on many fronts.”
Recently, the duo had been in talks about a stage performance envisioned by Kumar, with Mita as the lead and himself as the director. “Kumar and I were also recently talking about a theater performance he envisioned with me. A solo piece directed by him, with Vikram Joglekar is handling the sound design of the project. He really wanted it to come true. However, it seems that I will have to strive to achieve it on my own, striving to realize it just as he could have imagined,” he said.

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He further added, “Just a few weeks ago, we were discussing the details and I had drafted a proposal and emailed it to him to confirm if it aligned with his vision. He responded affirmatively, urging me to continue. “We were looking for funding for the project. , which was quite ambitious, very similar to everything Kumar undertook.”
Reflecting on Kumar's unwavering dedication to his craft, Mita said: “Nothing Kumar pursued was ordinary or trivial. His efforts always exhibited a high level of awareness, thoughtfulness and excellence. Often, if he couldn't execute something exactly as As I imagined, he would not continue. There were many projects that he planned but refrained from carrying out unless perfection was possible. His unwavering dedication as an artist is rare, beautiful and deeply inspiring. It is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. life, along with everything else about it.”

As she mourns the loss of her mentor and friend, Mita finds solace in the memories they shared and the legacy Kumar leaves behind. “I feel deeply grateful and blessed that he guided my initiation into the world of film as a young actress. It is a fundamental experience that shapes future years. It feels like a gift from the universe that after 3 or 4 years of intensive theater study, my first film should be directed by someone like him,” he concluded.