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Noticed Ladies Laapata. The first half was quite enjoyable with some sweet (not caustic) mockery of our society, mainly regarding gender discrimination. The story flows with good acting, delivered evenly by all the unknown leads and supporting actors.

The second half is a bit long (needs to be shortened by 15-20 minutes) and becomes tiring when the teasing is replaced by gyaan.

Kiran and Aamir had good intentions here, but the execution is lacking to some extent. The second part had to be much more interesting. The script in general needed a lot more work.

The rural cinematography is fine and pleasant. The background music and songs are also enjoyable and effective within the narrative.

But Aamir needs a reinvention now. This is a story set in 2001 (KNPH and Dhadkan's handmade posters make me laugh). And it should have been done at least 10 or 12 years ago. So perhaps audiences would have been more interested in seeing it in theaters.

I said during the LSC that Aamir is facing a crisis with serious brand erosion. The trailer and the film stood out with Aamir's worst performance in decades. And now mediocrity in Laapataa Ladies or Pritam Pyare will not be the way back to resurgence. The warning signs are clear: SZP has to be really brilliant to even spark public interest.

Anyway, Laapataa Ladies is an absolute box office embarrassment and should have been released directly on Netflix. If Aamir wanted this to work, then he had to convince Kiran to cast him in the supporting role of the cop (Ravi Kishen is also very good here, but lacks face value). Aamir's casting may have made this a box office winner.

But I think it will gain some traction when it comes out on Netflix (and it sure won't be long!).

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Noticed Dune 2. It was as she expected: not bad, but not fantastic either. Denise is an overrated director (mainly due to the lack of good directing talent in her generation) and critics are hyperventilating about Dune 2.

I'll take the first movie about this any day, although there's a lot more going on in this one. Denise is a temperamental, slow-moving director with a penchant for the visual rather than the narrative. She really doesn't understand the comparisons to Nolan. Nolan is his superior in every department of filmmaking, except perhaps cinematography, where they can be equals. Oppenheimer was a far superior film. And Hans Zimmer is truly a phenomenon!
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Also seen again Dune 1 in IMAX format (I had missed seeing it on the big screen when it was released during Covid). It wasn't as impressive as it was the first time. We hope Dune 2 turns out much better!

My evaluations upon revisiting them:

Dune – 6.5/10

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I caught up with oppenheimer once again in theaters last week after its re-release (after 7 months).

I loved it as much as before. I have to say, this is Nolan playing for the gallery, not just his cult following. In the form of a biopic wrapped in physics and the Manhattan Project, it basically explores universal emotions like guilt and other basic human natures (aside from political betrayal and drama) in a widely acceptable way.

This may not be his best movie, but it's definitely in the top 3 or 5. The encore in the current awards season is well deserved. Quite a few wins are expected at the BAFTAs and the Oscars now: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (RDJ), Best Score, Best Cinematography and Best Editing, without a doubt.

Overall, it is very well made and a well made film.
Oppenheimer – 8.5/10

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