Kiran Rao expresses annoyance at being recognized as Aamir Khan's ex-wife |


Kiran Rao is preparing for the premiere of his next film 'Ladies Laapataa', 14 years after her directorial debut 'Dhobi Ghaat'. The director received a lot of praise for her debut that is remembered to this day. Meanwhile, 'Laapataa Ladies' is produced by Aamir and directed by Kiran and the duo has been talking about being comfortable working together after their divorce.
Aamir and Kiran got married in 2005 and announced their separation in 2021. But they remain friends. In fact, Kiran had said that her relationship with Aamir is not dependent on marriage. They will always be family. In a recent interview with SoSouth, Kiran said that she is emotionally connected to Aamir after spending 15 years with him. She added that she feels protective of him and is connected to his achievements and failures as any family member would.
However, the director said that she was independent and had her own life when she married Aamir. But now she is associated more with Aamir. However, people's perceptions don't really bother them after a certain time. She had added: “I have to say in airports or in any public place when people come to me and say, 'You are…' and they expect me to complete it and say, 'I am Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan'wife.' I mean ex wife. That bothers me because sometimes people recognize me and they're not sure, but they know me through Aamir. That is very annoying”.
The idea of ​​'Laapataa Ladies' as a script was also proposed to her by Aamir, who gave her a line and she stood firm. The film will be released on March 1.