Kiran Rao confesses that after the failure of 'Laal Singh Chaddha', the entire family came together to support Aamir Khan: 'It took its toll on us' |


Aamir Khan returned to the screen after a while with 'Laal Singh Chaddha'. It came right after Covid and the lockdown period and there were high expectations about it. It was a remake of the film starring Tom Hanks.Forrest Gump' but unfortunately it did not turn out to be a box office success. In a recent interview, Kiran Rao admitted that Aamir was greatly affected by the failure of the movie and the whole family came together to support him. The film starred Kareena Kapoor Khan in front of Aamir.
The 'Laapataa Ladies' director said during an interview with that as a family, they were around Aamir and the failure of the film took its toll on them. That's what made Aamir take a step back and take a break. Khan announced that he will take a break from films for at least a year and will not work on anything. Kiran admitted, “I wanted to re-examine his work and his life. For someone who was scoring hits at the box office and who had been working non-stop for so long, I think it was the moment that made him introspective.”
He also pointed out the reasons they analyzed for the film not fitting. “We've thought about it a lot and Aamir has spoken at length about it. The tone of the film maybe wasn't what people expected after watching Forrest Gump. The pacing maybe didn't quite work and we were coming out of COVID-19 and Tal Maybe it wasn't the right movie to release immediately after Covid. I don't know what it was, the tone, the pace, the timing of the release or the hype because the movie had been out for so long, a lot of things affected the movie,” he said.
The director also added that since Laal Singh was a remake of a globally known iconic film, it might not live up to those expectations!
Meanwhile, Kiran has returned as a director after 14 years, with 'Laapataa Ladies' releasing today, March 1. Kiran and Aamir had announced their separation in 2021, but the duo remains friends and is like a family! They collaborate professionally and creatively and together they are parents to their son Azad.