Kangana Ranaut supports Hema Malini and criticizes sexist comments against her: 'They don't even leave an old woman' | Hindi Movie News


Hema Malini He is loved and remembered, not only for being a good actor but also for being a beautiful dancer! Apart from her creative side, Hema has also ventured into politics and recently a leader had made a comment about the actress saying, “Why do people elect their MLAs/MPs? So that they (MLAs/MPs) can raise the voice of the public. It is not like Hema Malini, who was chosen to lick.” This statement was widely criticized.
Regarding the statement, this leader had said that it had been presented in a distorted manner. Talking about this, Kangana Ranaut reacted and said, 'So how else should this be seen? If they see a young woman, they comment on her body parts. And a woman older than 75 years, who is a classical Bharatanatyam dancer, is called Nachaniya or a dancer and abuses in this way. They don't even leave an old woman, what kind of life do they want women to live… would it be better if they dug their own graves and buried themselves in them?
Further citing the example of the 'Vedas', Kangana said, “What a despicable thought for a woman, that too for an artist who has dedicated her entire life to art. Not a single day would have passed without her practicing for 3-4 hours.” .Is it not one of our Vedas, Samaveda, which deals with music and dance in detail? So the thought of those who make indecent remarks about him by not seeing him as a knowledgeable person or a sage or a great personality is not hidden to nobody.”
Hema also reacted to this comment and said that they are only targeting popular people because targeting the unpopular will not do them any good. She further said, “They should learn from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to respect women.”