Among all the films in the race, Article 370 has become the best performing of all. Despite the new releases and some remaining films, it is the geopolitical action drama that is having the most audience for 11 days in a row. The movie practically came on its own and for the rest of the week it would also attract the most views on a daily basis.

This was seen not only during last weekend, when the collections were quite good, but also now at the beginning of the weekdays, with Rs. 2 crores* have been collected at the box office. For a film of this kind of scale, size, setting and genre, such collections are good enough to keep coming during the weekdays of Week 2. In fact, as long as the collections cross Rs. 1.50 crores during weekdays, would be enough as the film has already recovered its cost and has been making profits with its current total position at Rs. 56.44 crore*.

In the meantime, one hopes to see how far Ladies Laapataa covers in the next few days. Theatrically, his business is not in line with the merits and it is expected that on Monday we will see some type of retention. That was always going to be a challenge, especially since the first weekend had not seen the kind of jumps that would have put him in a comfortable place as had happened with 12th failure. Therefore, on Monday it will reach Rs. 0.35 crore and the overall collections will become Rs. 4.10 crore, all eyes would be on the best it can muster during its lifetime.

*Dear All. Final numbers are awaited

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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