In a notable achievement, the film Article 370 has crossed the coveted Rs. 100 crores at the global box office, indicating not only the commercial success but also the resonance of its narrative among audiences around the world. The film's journey to this milestone has been nothing short of extraordinary, garnering praise for its storytelling, performances, and relevance to contemporary socio-political discourse.

At the national box office, Article 370 has had a significant impact, with a net collection of Rs. 73.56 crores and a gross collection of Rs. 87.57 crores in India alone. This reflects the strong reception the film has received from Indian audiences, who have welcomed its thought-provoking narrative and powerful depiction of real-life events. The film's success is not limited to Indian shores; has also made a mark in the international market, with an overseas gross of Rs. 12.51 crores. This indicates the global appeal of 'Article 370' and its ability to resonate with audiences across borders, generating conversations and debates about important topics.

The worldwide gross collection of Rs. 100.08 crore is not only a testament to the film's box office prowess but also underlines its impact in raising awareness on socio-political issues and challenging social norms. Article 370 has sparked debate, discussion and reflection, prompting viewers to engage with its themes on a deeper level.

Directed by visionary filmmaker Aditya Suhas Jambhle and featuring a talented cast led by Yami Gautam Dhar, Article 370 has struck a chord with audiences by weaving a compelling narrative that is both relevant and impactful. The film's success goes beyond mere numbers; represents a triumph of storytelling that resonates in the hearts and minds of viewers.

Article 370 Global Box Office Collections at a Glance:
India Net: Rs. 73.56cr
India Gross: Rs. 87.57cr
Overseas Gross: Rs. 12.51cr
Worldwide Gross: Rs. 100.08cr

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