Instagram is testing an app Clips on iOS to let users watch Reels without downloading the app: Report


Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature on iOS that will allow people who don't have the app to view Reels in the app's native interface. This will be done through App Clips, a feature that was added to the iPhone with the iOS 14 update in 2021. App Clips are like previews where users can try out a particular feature before deciding to download the full app. Notably, TikTok also has an app Clips that lets non-users watch its short video content.

This information comes from a 9to5Mac report that found an app clip in the Instagram app version 319.0.2, which is available to beta testers through TestFlight. App Clips lets iOS users watch Instagram's short video content Reels in the app's native UI instead of in the browser. So, if a friend shares a Reel link in iMessage, users can now view it as normal like it would appear on the Instagram app. The report says that there is no need to create an Instagram account to use this feature.

With App Clips, users can watch reels, scroll to see more popular videos, and even share them with others. However, after the sixth reel, the app clip prompts the user to download the app, the report highlights.

Apple describes App Clips as “a small part of your app that can be discovered when it's needed and lets people complete a quick task from your app – even after installing your entire app.” Even before.” Some of these tasks could be renting a bike, making payment at a restaurant, and much more. However, note that App Clips are still mini apps that need to be downloaded first. They are small in size and will become searchable when the user encounters a specific command.

App Clips can be triggered in a variety of ways, from NFC tags and QR codes to shared links. On clicking it, a drawer opens below which shows the name of the app and a page. open The button, when tapped, opens the app clip to full screen and allows the user to perform tasks. The app can send notifications up to eight hours after Clips are opened.

These are intended to serve as demos or previews of the app so that users who are apprehensive about it can test it out before going through the lengthy process of downloading and installing it.

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