I'm a phone deal expert and the OnePlus 12 could be the biggest flagship deal of 2024


When OnePlus announced the OnePlus 12 globally, there was almost unanimous agreement that the new model is an almost certain example of what we should expect from a high-priced flagship device. Now, a few months – and a few launches – later, that fact rings truer than ever.

Like many people, I've always had a quiet curiosity about the appeal of OnePlus devices. Over the years, the popularity of the phone has been small but loyal, yet, with the OnePlus 12, and the continued extent of competition in key markets like the US, we may see a breakthrough in higher-priced flagships. Mainstream, OnePlus 12 is at the forefront in this regard.

older and wiser

oneplus 12

(Image credit: Peter Hoffman)

Launching globally on January 23, it would be easy to assume that the OnePlus 12 will soon surpass its competitors in quality. But, as far as I can see, that's not likely to happen.