If you want to get into VR gaming, Meta Quest 2 is still at its lowest price ever


If you're looking for the perfect gateway into virtual reality (VR) gaming, there's no better place to start than Meta Quest 2. Even though the headset is already a relatively affordable option, it's now available at even more attractive prices. Both America and Britain.

In the US, the 128GB model is available at Amazon for just $199 ($249.99), a savings of over $50. Although this isn't the lowest price we've ever had at the retailer, it's only $5.42 so still an excellent deal.

In the UK, the same headset has sold out on Amazon, but is still available at Argos for just £199.99 (£249.99). That's a saving of £50 and matches the lowest price we've ever seen on a Meta Quest 2 in this region, at least based on historical Amazon price data.

Unlike other VR headsets like the Valve Index or PSVR 2, the Meta Quest 2 is an all-in-one product that doesn't require a powerful PC or expensive gaming console to use. Although it is still compatible with a PC with some glitches, everything you need to play great games like Super hot Or Sniper Elite VR Included in the box.

Although we are now getting acquainted with Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 still has a lot to offer in 2024. This is a great budget alternative to the new model, offering no shortage of compatible games, apps, and experiences. , Thanks to the arrival of Meta Quest 3, it's also getting a lot of great deals like this, making it more affordable than ever.

We gave the headset four and a half stars out of five in our original Meta Quest 2 review, praising its comfortable weight and ease of use. It's not as powerful as some of the higher-end headsets out there, but it can still provide an incredible level of immersion. The Meta Quest 2 has also been a staple of our best VR headsets list for years and, although recently displaced by the Meta Quest 3, it remains a strong contender.

If you're outside the US or UK or just want to see some of your other options, check out some of the best Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 deals in your region below.