Huma Qureshi says Alia Bhatt will get a higher salary despite small roles: 'She was the highest-paid actress in Gangubai Kathiawadi' |


Huma Qureshiknown for her stellar performances in films such as Gangs of Wasseypur and Monica, O My Darling, recently spoke about salary parity between actors in it indian film industry which is mainly influenced by star power. She said that biggest stars They often earn higher salaries, regardless of the length or importance of their duties.
“The conventional way is: the bigger the star, the more money he takes home, often even when his screen time is shorter and his roles are smaller,” Huma said in an AfterHours podcast with All AboutEve.
Furthermore, he openly expressed his assumption that Alia Bhatt, known for its stellar performances and widespread popularity, would command a higher fee regardless of the size of its role. “Alia Bhatt will earn more money than others even if her role is small. I guess she was the highest paid actress in Gangubai Kathiawadi“Huma stated.

Huma Qureshi talks about pay parity in the film industry; He says that “male actors get paid more”

In the same interview, Huma also addressed the trolling that Deepika Padukone received after she admitted to seeing other men while dating Ranveer Singh. She also spoke about the culture of trolling in today's society, where people are subjected to criticism in all aspects of their lives, regardless of their actions.

Sharing her own approach to dealing with online negativity, Huma revealed that she refrains from engaging in comments about herself online.
On the work front, Huma will soon be seen in her third season of maharani which features the return of Rani Bharti with a powerful narrative wielding the weapon of education.