How to use ChatGPT's memory feature


everything reminds me Of His, While ChatGPT isn't as powerful as the artificial intelligence from Spike Jonze's sci-fi romance movie, OpenAI's experimental memory tool for its chatbots suggests a future where bots are highly personalized and capable of more fluid, lifelike conversations.

OpenAI has soft-launched a new feature for Chatbots called Memories, where the AI ​​chatbot stores the personal details you share in a conversation and refers to this information during future chats. Right now, ChatGPT's memories feature is only available for testing to a small group of users — it's unclear when there will be a broader rollout to more chatbot users. The feature is expected to be available to all chatbot users, not just ChatGPT Plus customers.

WIRED got early access to this feature from OpenAI, and I've spent the last few days trying it out to better understand this new functionality and gather some advice I can use to get started. Although some specifications may change before this feature becomes available to everyone, here's what you can expect from ChatGPT's memory.

How to navigate ChatGPT's memory feature

When ChatGPT's memory came up on my paid account, I received a pop-up notification explaining the refresh tool and how it could be used to remember certain details during a conversation . It is worth noting that memory is enabled automatically. You can easily open it and get out if you want AdjustmentThen personalizationand toggle Memory Select the option by moving the slider to the left.

screenshot of chatgpt

Although there is some overlap, ChatGPT's memory is not expected to replace the “custom instructions” feature.

OpenAI via Reece Rogers

Adding facts about yourself to ChatGPT's memory is simple: just chat with the bot. As you use OpenAI's software, ChatGPT gleans personal insights from conversations, like your name and where you live, as well as more specific observations, like your favorite movies and least favorite meals. While the chatbot passively collects this data, you can also try a more direct approach. Start the prompt with “Please remember this…” or use similar language to add the information you want to commit to ChatGPT's memory.

Deleting memories from ChatGPT is just as easy. To see everything the bot actively remembers about you, click your username, go to Adjustment And personalizationand then tap on manage button at the bottom of the screen. Next, select the trash can icon next to any memory you want to delete. You can also go nuclear by choosing clear chatgpt's memoryThat will let you start with a clean slate.

If you already know what the bot remembers about you, you can request that certain things be removed or adjusted through a conversation with the AI. Give commands to ChatGPT to change what's saved in memory, such as “Forget everything you remember from this chat” or “Adjust my current city from San Francisco to Sacramento.”