How to Claim a Free Copy of Fallout 76 with Amazon Prime


The Fallout TV show is here and available to stream through Amazon Prime Video, but did you know that a perk included in your Amazon Prime subscription means you can also get a free copy of one of those games from the series? Who can claim to have inspired it? With codes available for both Xbox and PC, it's the perfect accompaniment to the show and a great way to squeeze a little more value out of the service.

the game in question is fallout 76, An online multiplayer take on the traditionally single-player series that was originally released in 2018. Set in the bright and colorful hills of post-apocalyptic West Virginia, it challenges you and your friends to survive and rebuild civilization in a shared open world. , It takes place one hundred years before the events of the Fallout TV show, let alone all the other games, giving you a unique look at a younger wasteland than ever before.