Hogwarts Legacy to sell over 22 million copies in 2023, WB claims; More Harry Potter games in development


Hogwarts Legacy, an RPG set within the Potterverse, sold over 22 million copies in 2023. Speaking to Variety, David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, claimed that it was the best-selling game of the said year and that nearly 2 million of them were sold during the Christmas holiday season, possibly due to heavy discounts. . Despite their statement, several developers in the industry, including Larian Studios (Baldur's Gate 3) and Activision (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), have yet to reveal the latest sales numbers; So, take the claims with a grain of salt.

“It brought Harry Potter to life in a new way for gamers, where they could be themselves in this world, in this story,” Haddad said in the interview. “And that's what the team at Avalanche planned to do when they were developing the game and I think that's why it really resonated so well and became the best-seller of the year across the entire industry around the world.” The game is made.” Going forward, WB will continue to bet on well-established franchises and use its name to generate better sales. In fact, CEO David Zaslav addressed this in November, with plans for a drastic shift to a live service model that would turn the company's biggest names into long-term products, release new content regularly, and drive deeper monetization. It also includes a free-to-play mobile game and Multiverse, a fighting game featuring characters from WB properties, which is expected to have a full launch this year.

Launching in February 2023, Hogwarts Legacy got off to a stellar start, with players around the world discovering the secrets, while developer Avalanche enjoyed surprise sales, partly due to the hype revolving around author JK Rowling's boycott. This got a boost from drama. Although interest gradually waned in the following months – the game failed to earn a single nomination at The Game Awards 2023 – WB is still hell-bent on expanding its harry potter Portfolio with its Quidditch Champions game, which had a closed playtest last year. The magical game was not included in Hogwarts Legacy, so it will be interesting to see how it plays as a multiplayer entry. Could the company try to make this a live service affair? only time will tell. Despite this, there are more plans harry potter Spin-off game.

So far, wizards around the world have created 819 million potions, harvested 1.3 billion magical plants, defeated 4.9 billion dark wizards in battle, and saved 593 million fantastical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. According to Haddad, another major area of ​​success was NetherRealm Studios' latest fighting game Mortal Kombat 1, which he said engaged more players than any other entry in the fighter franchise in its' 30-plus year history. Has been done.' With 3 million copies sold by November, the fighting game included some aggressive microtransactions – something that gamers have always disliked. WB Games' upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League also falls under the live service umbrella, causing longtime fans of developer Rocksteady to be skeptical.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch.

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