Here's why you shouldn't buy the Xbox Elite Series 2 in 2024


The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was recently dethroned in our guide to the best PC controllers by the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra. Although it still holds a spot on our list of the best Xbox controllers, where its intuitive native software gives it a narrow edge over the competition, we should all now consider the fact that the controller will be particularly attractive in 2024. There is no proposal. An abundance of stronger or better value options.

As a quick refresher, the Xbox Elite Series 2 was originally released in 2019 towards the end of the Xbox One's life. Initially it was a very compelling package, offering a ton of worthwhile improvements and 'pro' controller features that made for a big upgrade compared to the pad that came with the console. For starters, it boasted a more modern design, which finally ditched the regular Pad's older micro-USB port in favor of the more widely used USB-C, and included a built-in rechargeable battery. Which made it easier and cheaper to keep. Accused.