It comes down to Rs. 1 crore for HanuMan (Hindi), as Wednesday's figures stood at Rs. 1.05 crores. These levels were reached earlier than expected as collections were expected to be quite stable during weekdays and then reach those Rs. 1 crore zone today alone due to the arrival of Fighter. However, there have been declines and that is surprising since the film has been very popular with the majority of those who have seen it.

HanuMan (Hindi) Box Office: Drops to Rs.  1 crore on Wednesday, needs to regain momentum over the weekendHanuMan (Hindi) Box Office: Drops to Rs.  1 crore on Wednesday, needs to regain momentum over the weekend

The film, in fact, looked like a blockbuster in the making, as did the Hindi versions of Pushpa and Kantara It was where the first one entered the Rs. 100 Crores Club and the latter reached the 80s. In fact, it seemed a given that Rs. The milestone of 75 crores will certainly be reached and those jumps during the first weekend and then the release of stable collections which indicated the same. However, when the second weekend turned out to be no bigger than the first, it became increasingly clear that this one would enjoy Rs. A 50 crore milestone at best.

This is the goal the film is pursuing now and with its current collections of Rs. 38.84 crore, it would be a race towards that, provided the momentum picks up from tomorrow. The big Republic Day holiday should help and then the weekend factor should take over. Of course, the film has lost quite a few screens Fighter but even when he had them at his disposal, it's not like the shows were packed with people. So now it's about stability from here and that march towards Rs. The Rs 50 crore milestone would be closely watched.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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