Han So-hee surprises her fans in Paris with signed letters adorned with kiss stamps


Capture videos and images. Han So-heeThe sincere gesture of distributing signatures. letters to amateurs during his visit to Paris circulated rapidly on social media and online communities on March 2. The actress jetted off to Paris, France, on February 28, to honor French luxury brand Boucheron's 20th anniversary celebration as its global ambassador.
In the captured images, Han So-hee smiles genuinely as she interacts with eager fans gathered outside her hotel, generously distributing papers to them. These papers, to the delight of fans, turned out to be handwritten letters adorned with Han So-hee's signature, delicate lip seals, and kind messages written in her native Korean.
Despite her demanding schedule, Han So-hee dedicated her free time at the hotel to crafting these thoughtful tokens of gratitude. Inside each personalized letter, she wrote heartfelt sentiments such as: “I will always support you from afar. Stay healthy” and “Although it's late, I wish you a happy new year.”
From interacting with her fans in online chat rooms to sharing exclusive, unseen photographs and even sending personalized voice messages asking them about their well-being, the actress's affection for her fans knows no bounds.
In a previous candid interview with a media outlet, Han So-hee expressed her sincere desire to reciprocate the love and support received from her devoted fan base, stating, “I want to treat the fans who love and support me unconditionally better.” “.