From '3 Idiots' to 'Dunki': the times when Rajkumar Hirani left an indelible mark on the hearts of the public


New Delhi: The Indian film industry has seen many filmmakers who have always created an impact with their films. Among many, one such filmmaker is Rajkumar Hirani, who has his own film scene. Call it his absolute understanding of the audience's tastes and preferences or his creative instincts, for many reasons the filmmaker has cemented his place as the most loved director of Indian cinema. Well, this title is well justified with the kind of films he has brought out, which not only have a high entertainment quotient but also give us something innovative and unique to choose from.

Taking the example of his films, everyone knows the impact that 3 Idiots has left on the generation. No one has ever questioned the educational system in such a subtle and concrete way. The director not only introduced some notable characters to the audience, but also came up with a story that will be remembered and applicable throughout the centuries.

After 3 idiots, PK arrived. Directors strive to fulfill a greater purpose. Who would have ever thought that the topic of questioning God could be presented in such a way? That is the beauty of Rajkumar Hirani's cinema. You won't even know when you're in his imagination box. PK was an innovative idea, which probably not most filmmakers would like to tackle, but Rajkumar Hirani crafted it in such a way that it didn't even offend the audience, despite it being a very sensitive subject.

While we, as an audience, were immersed in the idea that Rajkumar Hirani could only make a certain type of cinema, he came up with 'Sanju'. Introducing and transforming superstar Sanjay Dutt's entire life was the task; the director made the film brilliantly. After Sanju, the director came up with 'Dunki', the film that tells a story that exists but has never been told on the big screens. The story of the illegal immigrant who takes the Donkey Route to cross the border. That is the story of millions of people who found themselves in this film. The film found acceptance beyond borders.

If we look at every film of Rajkumar Hirani, they all stand out from each other. This is the reason why he has a 100% track record in making blockbuster movies. Each time he has a new topic to explore or a unique idea to share with the audience. This is probably the reason why he is the most loved director.